Women In Horror: Interview with SHANNON LARK – ACTRESS, WRITER, DIRECTOR, SPOOKSMODEL, Co-founder of Viscera and former CEO of The Chainsaw Mafia by Alan Kelly

Welcome back to the 9th Circle of Horror Reanimated; right in time for Women in Horror Recognition Month and an in-depth chat with Shannon Lark.
(BTW Adam Wolf has paid for his crimes – abducting me and claiming the Soska Sisters interview as his own! I still can’t get the 24option review smell of sulphur out of my hair! Adam’s punishment involved a shiny new cage and a few hours on the wrong end of my pliers…)

The following interview was conducted via Ouiji Board from HRHQ – because we haven’t paid the telephone bill.


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A nice, juicy update…by JD’L

Bad Moon Books are soon to publish two JD’L novellas in one gorgeous volume!

SNAKE EYES contains ‘A Man of Will and Experience’ and ‘A Trespasser in Long Lofting’. Between them, the stories span Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy and both were an absolute blast to write. Something about the novella form really fires me up.

Jacket designs and release dates are yet to be agreed but I’ll let you know the moment there’s more news.

In addition, my novella ‘The Failing Flesh’ will appear in a Dark Prints Press collection titled ‘Surviving the End’. Those of you who enjoyed The Kill Crew  may be pleased to hear that ‘The Failing Flesh’ is set during the same cataclysm but focusses on new characters trying to stay alive elsewhere in the world. I plan two more novellas in this series with the aim of collecting all four in one volume.

For horror readers in America, Garbage Man launches Stateside in April and MEAT will follow six months later. This is VERY exciting indeed!

If you want to comment or ask about any of this you can find me 24options on Facebook and Goodreads or you can just leave a message right here.

Finally, watch out for Alan Kelly’s upcoming interview with Shannon Lark – coming soon on Horror Reanimated to celebrate Women in Horror Recognition Month…

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E-Book news by JD’L

You can now beat the January credit card blues by spending even more money!

But at only £1.59 the Kindle edition of MEAT will, at the very least, take you to a world even grimmer than this one.

Enjoy that rancid flesh…

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THE ROAD TO COMMISSION By Donna Condon (Senior Editor: Piatkus Fiction – Little, Brown Book Group)

After I contributed an article to the wonderful Horror Reanimated blog late last year I was asked by a few readers whether I could also contribute something with a focus on commissioning. Well, what better time than now: the beginning of a new year when we are all reassessing things and determining to make those dreams become realities. What I thought would be useful is an overview of how exactly fiction commissioning works. So here goes . . . (more…)

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Interview with Simon Marshall-Jones editor/owner of Spectral Press by JD’L

The rise of independent genre presses is 24 option meat and drink to Horror Reanimated and we’re keen to spread the word. Today we’re chatting with Simon Marshall-Jones who recently launched Spectral Press.

Because Simon enjoys a bit of body art, we’ve hired The Harrow from Franz Kafka’s ‘In the Penal Colony’ for the afternoon and set it up on Doom’s Hump, a windswept hill not far from HR HQ. The sentence we’ve programmed into it is:

‘I got a good old poking at Horror Reanimated’

Hope he likes it…

Joseph D’Lacey: Hi, Simon. Thanks for joining us on this rather foggy afternoon at the crest of Doom’s Hump. I’m sure you’re familiar with The Harrow. To the prisoners in Kafka’s Penal Colony, it was a machine of punishment but in your case it should bring only pleasure and an occasional tingle.

While we get you settled into the optimum position, why don’t you tell us about the moment the idea of running a small press first struck you? (more…)

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Film review: Phobia

An easy on the eyes and mind horror anthology from four Thai film-makers, Phobia never truly scares, but there are some fun jumps along the somewhat predictable way in these thinly-linked stories.

Thongkongtoon kicks off with the segment Happiness. A young girl is recovering from a broken leg in her flat, received when the taxi she was in collided with a pedestrian. Hiding from her landlady because her rent is in arrears her only form of communication with the outside world is her internet and mobile phone. When the internet packs up she begins to receive text messages from a complete stranger. Bored, she starts up a conversation, and after a series of stranger and stranger exchanges she wishes she listened to that revised and updated nugget of parental wisdom: never text strangers. Especially if they’re dead… This segment has no dialogue whatsoever, just the irritating buzz of the mobile as messages come in, off-set by the steady build-up of a claustrophobically threatening atmosphere as the ghost decides he wants to meet up in the flesh. Thongkongtoon just manages to keep the single interior setting this side of tedious, but the inevitable pay-off did send a little shiver down my spine. (more…)

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Interview with Craig Bezant, editor/owner of Dark Prints Press by Joseph D’Lacey

If it’s a bonkers decision to become a writer then setting up in publishing must occupy the farthest boundaries of insanity. This is a personal view based on the fact that I’m a lazy slob. My experience is that people in the publishing industry work long hours and long weeks – most of it not recognised as overtime – and the reward, if there is any, is unlikely to be financial.

And yet, without courageous – foolhardy, perhaps – folk keeping the world of books alive, we authors would have no outlet for our own deranged endeavours. Often, it’s those people who set up small, independent presses who have the greatest passion and the clearest vision of what needs to make it into print. Without these innovators and without their efforts, many new writers – especially horror writers – would never find an audience for their work.

Today’s guest is a writer and magazine editor from Australia, Craig Bezant. Craig recently made the decision to take his publishing to the next level, spawning a brand new imprint called Dark Prints Press.

I was curious about what could possibly have possessed him to enter a life of self-slavery…

Joseph D’Lacey: Hi, Craig, and a very warm – nay, fiery – welcome to the sulphurous bowels of Horror Reanimated.

You’ve published a couple of my stories over the last year or two and reviewed some of my other fiction but, in reality, I know very little about you – we live on opposite sides of the world, after all. So let me begin by asking which came first for you; writing stories or editing Eclecticism e-zine? (more…)

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Interview with Cliff McNish by Joseph D’Lacey

We don’t talk to many writers of young adult fiction here at Horror Reanimated. That’s because we prefer to eat them. I don’t know about you, but I find it off-putting when my food tries to speak to me. In general, therefore, we remove YA writers’ tongues and cauterise their vocal chords before chowing down.

Course, it’s no secret that quality control has always been an issue for us and every now and again something slips through.

Today, for example, I found my next meal out of his cage and sitting quite voluntarily in one of our body-modification suites, reading a copy of Garbage Man and gnawing on a discarded bone. Bloody cannibal.

Without even looking up from the reclining restrainer he said:
      “This book. It’s full of bloody typosrahpical errors.”
      “What? Like the one you’ve just done?”
      “Yes. Exactly like that. Ecxept worse. Muhc, muhc worse.”
      What could I do? I reached for a meat cleaver, raised it high.
      “But it’s not a bad story, though. All things considered.”
      I paused at the zenith of the strike.
      I said:
      “Not bad,” he said. “You know. Considering.”
      “Oh, yeah? And what would you know?”
      Finally he looked up at me. His eyes were quite intelligent.
      “I write horror,” he said.
      “Yes. Really.”
      “Well, for fuck’s sake. Why didn’t you say so?”
      “Er, I was gagged.”
      “Fair enough. So, are you any good, then?”
      “Not bad. Considering.”
      “Hm. Not bad enough to survive a Horror Reanimated interview?”
      “I’d like to think so.”
      And so I gently strapped him down…

Joseph D’Lacey: Hi, Cliff. Welcome to Horror Reanimated where tentacled creatures roam without fear of prejudice. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit.

Cliff McNish: I’ll try. Thanks for removing the gag.


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The Pain Cages – by Paul Kane

Today, we’ve a special treat from Paul Kane – a sneak peek at the opening of his forthcoming novella The Pain Cages.

Hmm. Is that the sound of flesh being torn asunder?


The Pain Cages


Paul Kane



Ask someone to describe pain… (more…)

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Blood on Bridlesmith Gate – A Christmas horror event at Waterstones, Nottingham featuring Paul Kane, Gary McMahon and Joseph D’Lacey

On Friday 10th December Paul Kane, Gary McMahon and Joseph D’Lacey will be haunting Waterstones in Nottingham to spread a little festive fear. Each of us will read some chilling horror fiction with a Q&A session to follow. We’ll be signing books (and body parts) and all our latest titles will be on sale.

Copies of other titles by each author will also be available.

Tickets are £3 – redeemable against books on the night – and the first twenty ticket purchasers will receive a free book on arrival!

Gore-off is at 6:30 pm…


Waterstone’s Nottingham Bridlesmith Gate
1-5 Bridlesmith Gate

To reserve tickets call: 0115 948 4499 or email: events@nottingham.waterstones.com

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